Pont des Arts – The Bridge of Locks, Paris

“L’Amour En Danger”  scream the headlines in a Paris newsflyer this week – “Love In Danger”!!   Oh my!  

 If you have romantic dreams of placing your lock on the Pont des Arts for eternity and tossing the key dramatically into the Seine, you might want to think again….. about the eternity part that is.   

 Thousands of visitors and residents of Paris have enjoyed placing locks on the bridge  through the years, to celebrate not just eternal love, but anniversaries, marriages, special birthdays, or just being in love in this glorious city of love and light.    However, the Maire of the 6th arrondissement is concerned with the extreme weight and consequent structural pressure that that these locks are putting on the bridge.     There is grave concern that someone will be injured as two of the sections of fencing where the locks are hung have bent from the weight and have had to be replaced.   

The “Lover’s Locks” aren’t just a phenomenon of Paris.   This tradition has caught on like wildfire in cities around the globe.   In Rome, the Ponte Milvio has resorted to removing the locks with bolt cutters and a fine was even imposed on anyone caught hanging a lock, due to the rust and damge that was being caused to this bridge on the Tiber.    

It remains to be determined how the City of Paris will respond to the issue of the locks.   And maybe it isn’t the eternity of it all that really matters, just locking the memory in your heart…  





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