Malta is Marvelous

Malta is Marvelous

A facebook friend posted this question to STM, “Looking for an Easy Jet holiday to Sicily or Malta. What would you recomend?” Well, Sole Traveling Mama hasn’t had the good fortune to travel to Sicily yet, so she can’t compare, BUT, she can say that hands down, Malta is a fabulous, must-do holiday!!

This photo is just one example of the many tower ruins along the coastline. The island country provides what seems like endless possibilities for exploration. A quick flight from the European continent, English speaking and using the euro, it’s very easy to travel there with a family.

STM recommends 2 hotels, both of which her family has stayed in, for your Maltese travels:

The Phoenicia, is in a great location, just outside the entry gates to the capital of Valletta. It has an outdoor pool backdropped by the ancient city walls with magnificent views of the harbor and offers elegant service and old-world glamour.

On the northern end of the island, further removed from the tourist fray, is the Radisson Blu Golden Sands. It offers very large room accomodations, many in an apartment setup with large kitchens, and is situated on a small and lovely cove. There is a spa on the premises, restaurants, bars and a very small market. This location allows very easy access to the ferry for Gozo and to the towns of Rabat and Mdina.


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