If These Walls Could Talk!

If These Walls Could Talk!

The Dining Room of the Chateau de Monte-Cristo was once host to weekly Sunday dinners for 20, often prepared by the chateau’s owner himself, Alexandre Dumas. Typically in the company of one of his mistresses (usually an actress or courtesan) he also held seances here with some of the most celebrated mediums and hypnotists of the day. His dining room today displays his monogrammed silver tableware, dishes, glasses and his last published work, “Dictionnaire de la Cuisine”.

With a reputation at the time not just for his writings but for his lavish parties (think housewarming party for 50 and 600 show up!), he lived in the chateau for less than a year before he was forced to sell it to pay his creditors.

This is an easy visit with children as the rooms aren’t packed with furniture and an overwhelming collection of breakables. Let them run off some energy in the beautiful gardens before touring. There are a couple of small ponds and paths that wander through the property. Fall is a great time of year to visit with the changing leaf colors.

Open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays, 10:00-12:30 and 2:00-6:00; Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-6:00 (closing at 5:00 in winter months).

Best reached by car, and a quick drive out of Paris, the Chateau de Monte Cristo is located at 78560 Le Port Marly


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