The Monte-Cristo Chateau

The Monte-Cristo Chateau

Alexandre Dumas spent 1844 buying up parcels of land from 9 different owners to create his dream estate of just over 4 acres. The original estimate from the architect to build it was 48,000 francs, but expenses ultimately ran to over 200,000 francs!

Constructed from 1845-1847, you can find medallion portraits above every first floor window of all the writers that Dumas wanted to honor, such as Virgil, Homer, Goethe and Shakespeare. The chateau was saved from demolition in 1969.

Sole Traveling Mama had a marvelous morning visit to this chateau and beautiful grounds. It’s a little haven of tranquility just outside of Paris and not overrun with tourists.

78560 Le Port Marly


One thought on “The Monte-Cristo Chateau

  1. STM, you are officially my “go to” travel expert while I am here in Paris, you’re insight and out of the ordinary locations are dead on. I can’t wait to get out to Monte-Cristo Chateau, I know it will be fabulous after reading this post (as was the Darkness and The Gate of Hell at the Rodin Museum was! Fantastic, an evening I would be upset if I missed…)

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