Paris to Versailles…On Foot

Paris to Versailles...On Foot

The 36th annual Paris to Versailles Classique run is happening today. 25,000 runners will begin their 16km quest in front of the Eiffel Tower, up the killer 2km hill in Meudon and finishing (hopefully in glory!) at the golden gates of Versailles. If you are interested in a holiday/destination run, add this one to your list. The race fills up before the August deadline, so be sure to register early. Walkers welcome.

Sole Traveling Mama is excited to be running this morning with 4 of her Mama friends. This is a very bittersweet race for her, as her last roadrace was with her late husband in December, 2004. STM and her husband loved training and competing in roadraces, biathalons and triathalons. Their last race together was the Kiawah Island, SC Half Marathon. Four months later, he was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and their lives changed forever.

Sole Traveling Mama hasn’t had the time, energy or will to get back on the running track, but with the support of her girlfriends and children, now is the time. So, this 49 year old widowed Mama of 4 will be shuffling her way out to Versailles, embracing life and saying, “Keep on Keeping on”. And you all do that – keep on doing what ever makes your heart sing. Keep on reaching and striving and laughing and REALLY living each day – ’cause this isn’t life isn’t a dress rehearsal, it’s a one-time deal. STM will see you at the finish line…..


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