It Isn’t Sexy but it Sure Feels Good!

Dead Sea MUD, that is!!
You can’t go all the way to Jordan and not take the Dead Sea mud plunge!
A great “do-it-yourself” spa treatment can be had by all, with this mud that is loaded with therapeutic minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bromine. Typically, there are large clay vessels on water’s edge filled with the mud. Bathers are free to apply anywhere and everywhere all over themselves or each other. While there, we even saw numerous people lathering it up in their hair! It doesn’t have an odor and feels a bit gritty with the salt granules, so depending on whether or not you want to buff up your skin a bit, you can decide your own pressure to apply while rubbing it in. Good news too, it somehow washes completely out of swimsuits, so no worries about staining or discoloring. For maximum effect, find a rock to sit on and bask like a seal while the sun dries the mud on your body before rinsing. It was a great end of the day routine for us during our stay, mudding and plunging as the sun was setting and our skin truly did feel substantially softer and invigorated.

Some type of water shoe really is necessary for going into the water; as you can see from the photo, the shore is loaded with rocks, many quite slick. At the Dead Sea Marriott, Movenpick and Kempinski, water shoes are provided free of charge, which is quite a nice service. These hotels also offer a day ticket for sale, so that you can enjoy the sea and facilities even if you aren’t staying there.

Guidebooks will tell you that the public beach, Amman Beach is a great option. From what we saw and experienced, it was mostly men and the fresh water showers right next to the Dead Sea Highway certainly didn’t look appealing, just saying!

All in all, Dead Sea dipping and mudding is a great experience and should be a “must do” when traveling in Jordan.


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