Inside the Michael Kors Flagship Store Gala



As promised, a few “Insider’s” photos from the champagne Gala evening celebrating the launch of the Girl’s Go Card Paris.    Many of the invitees took advantage of the evening’s promotion, spending a minimum of 250 euros and receiving a free gift of a darling makeup bag in red or leopard.

The new store is gorgeous with it’s chrome, white and mirrors, accented by stunning zebra rugs.   The decor enhances the merchandise and the store is beautifully laid out with a lovely seating area in the back for trying on all the latest styles of shoes and boots.    The Salespeople couldn’t have been friendlier and STM heard perfect English spoken by them, in addition to French, Italian and Spanish.    One lucky lady had her name pulled from the glassbowl and went home with a gorgeous Michael Kors bag (bottom picture).

So, Go, Girls, Go!!!!   Go on line to learn more about the Girls Go Card Paris, whether you live in Paris, or France or are just visiting and then head to the Michael Kors store on Rue St. Honore and pick yourself up a nice red  accent for the holidays!


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