Tiara Time – For the Princess in You!!


Now, at the Grand Palais, is one of the most tremendous jewelry exhibitions that the STM has ever seen!!!    You need 1-2 hours to fully appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and jaw-dropping bling that Cartier exquisitely displays.     Running through February 16th, the Grand Palais is closed Tuesdays, but open Sundays-Mondays 10-8 and Wednesdays-Saturdays 10-10.   Adult admission is 11 euros and tickets for timed admission should be bought online at http://www.grandpalais.fr

These diamond tiaras are the first to greet you when entering the exhibit.   Slowly spinning and sparkling and calling my name, I could barely drag myself past them to admire all the other treasures!   Did you know that in 1937 alone, Cartier in London received commissions for 27 tiaras!!   And why, you ask??    Well, for the coronation celebration of King GeorgeIV, of course!

Strikingly unique is the 1914 special order tiara, below, made of platinum and blackened steel, of all things!   It was made for a friend of Queen Marie’s of Romania (one of Queen Victoria’s numerous grandchildren) and features 9 pear shaped diamonds and calibre-cut rubies.   Love it!!

Of course, if you are interested in standing out in a crowded ballroom, the citrine tiara may be for you!   A 1937 piece from Cartier, London,  it is gold and platinum with a spectacular 62.35 carat citrine as it’s centerpiece.   Truly, the splendor of  these gemstones rivals that of the diamonds.



Aquamarines glow in this 1930 tiara by Cartier, London.   Called the “Laurel Tiara” it is currently in the collection of the Qatar Museums Authority.

So take your daughter or grab as friend, but whatever you have going on, do NOT miss this extravaganza!!   Store site  information at  www.cartier.com

Voting now on which tiara is your favorite!   Please share!


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