The Sisters of Napoleon


Hurry!    You DON”T want to miss this exhibition like the STM almost did!    A petit problem with  living in Paris or planning your holiday there, is that there is always so much going on that you must be organized to not miss out on anything!   After all, aren’t you visiting because you want to do it ALL?!

Only showing until Monday, January 26, at the Musee Marmottan  if you are a lover of the Napoleonic era, or just a lover of things beautiful, put this exhibition on your agenda.

Elisa, Pauline and Caroline were the sparkling jewels in the diadem of Napoleon.   Intelligent, cultured, strikingly beautiful and at times, quite scandalous, they were great patrons of music and literature and held salons attended by some of the greatest minds o f the time.    With their fortunes tied to the rise of their brother’s power, they “married up” with Elisa becoming the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Pauline marrying the Prince Borghese  and Caroline marrying Joachim Murat a top General of Napoleon’s who was crowned as the King of Naples with her becoming  Queen.    

Many of the items in the exhibition are on loan from private collections, which makes it possibly your only chance to see these pieces and paintings.   A number of items are on loan from museums in Rome and Naples.    Personally, STM adored the court portrait of Caroline with her daughter, painted by her favorite portraiture artist, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun.    Vigee Le Brun was the favorite painter of Marie Antoinette and was the back-up choice for Caroline as the painter she wanted was already commissioned for work.  The relationship between the two was quite contentious, although the stress involved in the sittings and personal dealing doesn’t show at all in the luminosity and beauty of this painting.     In typical Vigee Le Brun style, Caroline looks radiant and as if she is ready to step right out of the portrait.     A green and white court dress of Pauline’s is also displayed, which she wore during Napoleon’s “court in exile” and the regal coronation portrait of the man himself, Napoleon, in his ermine robes, gown embroidered with golden bees  and laurel wreath crown.     There are a few pieces of jewelry and gorgeous pieces of table service too.

The Musee Marmottan is located at 2 rue Louis-Boilly in 75016, Metro Line 9 stop LaMuette.     The museum is open 10:00-18:00, admission cost 10 euros for adults and reduced to 5 euros for under 18 and students to age 25 with ID

 Sadly, the Museum doesn’t permit photos, even without a flash.


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