Belle Epoque Dining at Bofinger


A stop at the delightful Bofinger makes for a delicious respite in your touring of the Marais and is also a destination in it’s own right.   Serving traditional Alsatian Brasserie fare since 1864,  your senses will be nearly on overload with the savory smells, tastes and glamorous ambiance of it all!

Frederic Bofinger, a native of Colmar in the Alsace region of Northeastern France, founded his brasserie, that was the first one in all Paris to serve draught beer!   How cool is that?!    His business really began to boom due to the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 and subsequent annexation of Alsace and Lorraine in 1872 by the German Empire, causing a massive influx of refugees from those areas into Paris, looking for comfort food and camaraderie.     1919 saw a major renovation of Bofinger with the addition of the stunning Belle Epoque decor and dome that guests see today.     When you dine here, you are in the company of generations of discerning guests, including a past French President.    Francois Mitterrand chose to have his election party here on the first floor in 1981, celebrating his victory as the new President of France.

Bofinger is open daily for lunch, Mondays through Saturdays, 12:00-3:00 and  dinner  hours 6:30-12:00.  Sundays offer continual service 12:00-12:00.    There are 2 choices for the lunch set menu, both are a great deal at 29.90 euros for a 2 course meal of starter and main or main and dessert, or the 3 course meal offered at 36.50 euros for starter, main and dessert.     Sole Traveling Mama lunched there on a Friday with her daughter and received excellent, friendly service with an even better meal of salmon and vegetables and  a huge, rum creme brulee with the requisite crispy top for dessert.     It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience!

Located at 5-7 rue de la Bastille, Paris 75004, only 5 minutes from Place Voges.   Metro stop Bastille on Lines 1, 5 and 8.  +33  01 42 72 87 82  Reservations a must.

Belle Epoque Dining at Bofinger


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