The Original Macaron


On a recent day trip to Nancy, Sole Traveling Mama and her eldest daughter were delighted to discover and taste test what are deemed to be the absolute original macarons.    For over 200 years, the secret recipe has been carefully guarded and passed down through the generations.   The secret is currently “held” by Nicolas Genot of the Maison des Soeurs Macarons.

Originally created by the Benedictine nuns in their Nancy convent, the dear nuns escaped with not just their lives, but their baking secrets intact after the 1792 Act of Suppression for Religious Orders shut down their convent.    Seeking refuge in the home of  Doctor Gormand at 10 Rue de la Hache, they baked their macarons as a means of supporting themselves, and “voila”, the famous Nancy macaron became a commercial  success!   It took until 1952, however, for the city of Nancy to rename the street on which their convent once stood, La Rue des Soeurs Macarons (The Macaron Sisters Street!)

Unlike the macarons we are accustomed to devouring, the Nancy “original” macarons are what we would think of as the top half of a macaron – no filling.    Delicious with a coffee or tea, the macarons are a delicate blending of sugar and almonds.   Yum!!

Offering a variety of  gift tins and boxes, beautifully wrapped, these make a lovely edible souvenir of a great trip to an interesting city.

Located at 21, rue Gambetta, Nancy France 54000, just steps from Stanislaus Square in the heart of the Old City.


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