Violets of Madrid


A  dignified storefront on Plaza de Canalejas, Madrid, houses one of the edible “treasures” of Spain.   Since 1915 LaVioleta has been producing, right in Madrid,  hard, crystallized candies with the taste of violets in the shape of that petaled flower.   Sold in lovely gift boxes, these candies make a very original compliment to desserts or even add a bit of sophistication to a glass of champagne!   LaVioleta also sells caramels, glazed fruits and violet bonbons.   Yum!

Although Sole Traveling Mama was making her 3rd trip to Madrid, it was her first discovery of these beautifully crafted and deliciously  unique treats.  Legend has it that King Alfonso XIII gave these candies to his Queen and his lovers which attributed to their rise in popularity.   The store is a feast for the eyes, especially for lovers of the color purple, and with the beautiful wooden counters and old glass jar displays, it’s like stepping back into the turn of the twentieth century.

You can find LaVioleta at Plaza de Canalejas 6,  28014 Madrid.   It’s an easy 5 minute walk from Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor, Metro stop Sol.



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