Flamenco Reigns Supreme in Madrid!


Quite close to the Gran Via and the Plaza Mayor, right  in the heart of Old Madrid, can be found one of the bastions for the art of Flamenco, the charming store, Don Flamenco.     Right here, you can find all the elements to turn yourself into a soulful, gypsy dancer; authentic dresses and skirts, castanets and shoes for both men  and women.

In a business that uses as a motto, “Where People are more important than machines”, all their flamenco shoes continue to be made by hand!    Of utmost importance in flamenco dance, the shoes are used like a percussion  instrument, stomping out the rhythms of the music.   The nails in the heels and toes magnify the sound, which makes having quality shoes imperative!

The music (“toque” guitar playing), singing (“cante”) and dancing (baile”) combine in Flamenco to create this beloved  Spanish art form, that was declared by UNESCO in 2010 to be a “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible History of Humanity”.      Thrilling and emotional to watch, an audience can easily get carried away with the passionate beat, stomps and twirls.

Be sure to stop in the Don Flamenco store on your next trip to Madrid, not just to admire, and possibly purchase your own getup, but to find out about local performances taking place.     Can’t make it to Madrid?    Well, you are in luck as their on-line store, http://www.donflamenco.com   can get you all set up, with delivery worldwide.    And be sure to watch the “How We Make Your Shoes” video clip on their website!

17 Leon Street    28014   Madrid Spain


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