Come Walk With Me On Rue St. Honore!

DSCN5096entryshoesDSCN508bafbluebraDSCN5087DSCN5081hatSpotted!!!   On Rue St. Honore!!

Looking for fashion in all the “right” places when visiting Paris?!   Then your first stop needs to be the Rue du Faubourg Saint- Honore.   Home to nearly every major fashion house in the world, this is Global eye candy at it’s best.

For years, this narrow, bustling street has been dedicated to fashion and luxury goods.    Find Ferragamo, Lanvin, Hermes, Prada and  Gucci, side by side, and clamoring for your euros.     This season,  fringe seems to be all the rage in Prada , and Hermes  boasts a white, sand scene, complete with faux sand castles and silver crabs.

If you are planning on doing more than window shopping, it’s helpful to dress the part, so leave those trainers and fanny packs at home!

Easy access from Metro Line 8, stop Madeleine – fortify yourself at Laduree with coffee  and sweets before shopping, or Metro Line 1  or 8, stop Concorde.    The Hotel Le Bristol also makes for a refined stop for tea or champagne as well if you need to rest those aching arms loaded with shopping bags!


2 thoughts on “Come Walk With Me On Rue St. Honore!

  1. Getting ready to head out to St. Honore for some window shopping (and some real purchases) thanks to a heads up and plan from STM! Thanks for doing the “foot work” for us!!!

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