Classic Car Rally, Paris to Venice


Sunday morning, May 25 from approximately 10:00-10:45, some of the most amazing cars you will EVER see, will be on the Ellipse of the Champ de Mars, using the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, as they begin the Classic Rally from Paris to Venice. Check out the race website and be sure to also check out and LIKE the Facebook page Chantal Hoogvliet Paris.  
Sole Traveling Mama is honored to call this Dutch knockout rally organizer and former Supermodel a friend. The “beast” that Chantal will be powering tomorrow is still being kept under wraps – can’t wait to see her pull up tomorrow! VROOM, VROOM!!!   For more information on this race and others, see the website at  (there is an English translation) and follow her journeys on or
The race is Paris to Venice, beginning May 25 and lasting 6 days.   What can be better than a  great route, beautiful hotels and.. Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes SLS, Bentley, Wiesmann and McLaren!!    The cars will convene at Versailles, in case you happen to be at the Chateau or in the town of Versailles on the 25th and the actual “race”  begins from Paris.    Come and have a look!
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